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The Rosen Group was formed by Neil Rosen to engage in financial recruiting activities. The distinctive business plan of the Rosen Group is to provide the professional consulting aspects of “Executive Search” at officer levels and position levels traditionally handled by contingency recruiting firms.

Classic “Executive Search” relationships are based on exclusive retained agreements. This removes any question of motives from the client/recruiter dynamic. It allows communication to proceed based on the common goal of finding the best candidate for the opening. The recruiter consultant becomes the hiring manager’s ally in attracting and evaluating the proper candidates. While The Rosen Group has flexibility in contractual arrangements with clients, we offer this high level of professional trust and service at all assignment levels.

A typical contingency placement agency has multiple client companies in the same field and presents candidates to any company having a possible interest. The recruiter becomes in effect, the agent for the candidate “selling” the candidate wherever the best deal can be found. The Rosen Group seeks to change this relationship and work solely as the client company’s agent.

The Rosen Group is a primary or exclusive provider to our client companies, which is unique to contingency recruiting firms. Neil personally handles all candidate recruiting and screening. He prides himself in providing honest, objective guidance to candidates, while providing our clients with only the best possible candidates available in the marketplace. In order to be considered for these unique and exclusive openings please e-mail you resume or call our office to learn more.

The best indicator of our future performance is a review of past performance. We can provide many references from both client companies and placed candidates which will testify to our unique skills as professional recruiting consultants.

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